Second Barcampbank in Madrid

Today I attended the second edition of Barcampbank in Madrid and it has been worth it. A mixture of 2.0 world and the world still offline with a lot of fears.

First, as some will say that I don´t miss an event, I explain the reason for my attendance. I worked 12 years in offline banking, 10 in La Caixa and 2 in Bancaja. Now I work  full in the internet sector but at home (my wife works at La Caixa) still live day to day what happens. I follow the financial and economic present both offline and online.

Among the participants were few banks, very few. There were people involved with the financial sector, via the internet or not, but few banks, very few.

My feeling after the Barcampbank is that remains very very very  much to be done for banks to understand the essence of Social Media and this is something very basic: “listen.” They see it as a threat because they think only about the bad comments… (Excuse me, everybody speaks bad of banks in the street, or no?). They spent a lot of money in departments that are obsolete and they are hard to see what is happening on the network. As  @ juanluispolo said, the community managers “EXISTEN”, and however much they charge, they will not ruin your budget, I’m sure even become your job in more benefits. So far, in Spain I can only exclude CAN @cajanavarra, that has generated its channel on Twitter, Facebook, Skype … to serve the great masses who are already living in the world 2.0. The world of Social Media.

The best of the day has been the organization, congratulations to Jesús Perez “@especulacion” and to meet Christophe Langlois from @Visible_banking. In his blog he explains very well how is the banking landscape in the world 2.0

A mention to the group with the highest attendance at the event who have been the new “comparators of financial products” that are emerging in Spain. Their “complaints” have also been similar to this that I explain in my humble blog. “The banks don´t listen yet”.

As in any event I’m super pleased with the networking.

And, almost ready to get home I wonder: does anyone read this? Will anyone care?

(sorry about my english!)


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